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Bus Trips

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We run bus trips to local mountains every weekend school is in session from Jan 20th until April. We offer multiple purchase options including bus, bus + lift, bus + lift + rental. The pricing breakdown can be found below. 

Each trip varies, but we will typically leave from BofA outside of Cabot around 5am and get back to campus around 7 or 8pm. 


Who Can Go on a Trip?

Unfortunately only Northeastern Undergrad & Grad Students can attend our weekend trips

Do I need an IKON pass?

A pass is not required for trips although it is encouraged as we only sell a limited number of lift tickets per trip. Also, our winter and February break trips will be A LOT cheaper if you have one, so why not! It is discounted after all.

Should I get a ticket right when they come out?

YES!! Our trips typically sell out in under 10 minutes so if you want to secure a spot be on your computer right when they come out.

If I get a ticket and can't go anymore what do I do?

With our new ticketing system, you are now able to transfer tickets! Find someone in the #ticket-transfers slack channel to take over your ticket and then transfer it using this link. Payment should be done separately through venmo or whatever you want to use!

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